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Adrenaline-Rush River Tubing in Wisuta Tangkil, Blitar The visitors are enjoying the thrilling river tubing in Wisuta Tangkil on Tuesday (10/12/2019). (PHOTO: Sholeh/TIMES Indonesia)Tuesday, Dec

TIMESBOJONEGORO, BLITAR – If you love challenges, you should try the river tubing activity in Wisata Susukan Tangkil (Wisuta Tangkil) in Blitar.

You will float through the strong current of the stream in Wisuta Tangkil by using the rubber ring that will make you get adrenaline rush.

This tourism attraction is loated in Tangkil Village, Wlingi sub-district, Blitar. It takes only 30 minutes commuting from Blitar city.

Meanwhile, Susukan is a stream that mainly functions as the irrigation channel to the field area in Wlingi sub-district and Selopuro. Then, according to Bambang Sujatmiko, the manager of Wisuta Tangkil, the locals decided to change this stream into an exciting tourism attraction with the help of Pokdarwis (Tourism Awareness Group).


The visitors will be floating through the 500-meter Susukan Stream. They will be thrilled yet amazed by the beauty panorama of the rice fields around Susukan Stream.

The stream is not too long, but the visitors may float through the strong current of Susukan Stream for more than once.

 “We also provide tour guides to watch and maintain the safety of the visitors. Safety first!” he continued.

The entrance ticket only costs IDR 10,000 per person.

Not only River Tubing, Wisuta Tangkil Blitar also provides riverside buffet package, with the traditional foods and fresh atmosphere, which will make your vacation more unforgettable. “If you want to go in group, at least the group should consists of 20 persons. Everyone should pay attention to the directions given by the tour guides and wear life vest and safety helmet,” said Bambang. (*)

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